The Ultimate Dog No Pull Training Harness is unique to the pet market. The traditional way to teach a dog not to pull is with a choker collar. When the dog pull, the collar tightens around its neck like a hang man’s noose. If the dog pulls hard enough, it cuts off their air passage effectively suffocating them. If they pull hard enough, it can damage their trachea or even break their neck.

non-pull-info-graphicTo prevent this, the conscientious dog owner has switch to a harness to walking the dog. This is fine but it really doesn’t discipline the dog for pulling on the leash, it just stops him. But still a much better choice than a choker chain.

The Ultimate Dog No Pull Training Harness is a vast improvement over both systems. Instead of being static like a traditional harness, it has a slipping connection that tightens around the dogs chest as he pulls. This wont hurt the dog but it does make it uncomfortable to pull. The harder he pulls, the tighter the harness becomes. As soon as he stops pulling, the harness slips back open to allow more room. There are even padded sleeves underneath the dogs legs to prevent chafing.

It is a light weight yet sturdy because its made of nylon webbing. There are adjustments to fit many different breeds of dog. Once the basic adjustments are made, the harness can be put on the dog in less than 30 seconds. Simply slip the dogs head through the harness and put the loops underneath each leg. Adjust the quick-release stop for snug yet comfortable fit. You are now ready to go out for a walk.  It can be removed as easily.

When walking your dog, you can give it a short amount of leash so he stays at your side. If he tries to go ahead or lag behind, the harness will tighten. Give your dog simple commands like “stop”, “walk” and “run” as you move. Let him know what you expect of him. After a while, your dog will associate your commands with the action you desire. He will stop when you say stop, walk when you say walk and run when you say run.

When we first got our Jack Russel “Sadie”, she had not been leash trained. I hooked a short leash to her collar and she pulled the entire walk. I was NOT using a choker chain, but it still bothered me that she was in effect, strangling herself to go ahead of me.

She started walking next to me the first time we tried the harness.

I was not looking for a highly disciplined dog. I use a retractable 20 ft leash and let her roam around with me, stop and smell the trees and fire hydrants and flowers. She loves to take walks and explore. When she stops too long, a simple tug of the leash and she immediately catches up to me.

She now stays very close to me when we go for our walks. I probably don’t need to use the leash or harness at all. But she is a Jack Russel and if you are familiar with the breed, she loves to chase squirrels and cats. They forget everything when they see a cat and I worry she will take off and get hit by a car. Like all dogs she has some what selective hearing when she is focused on something that has caught her attention.