Our new pet seat cover has many features not found in other competing products. Take a look and see if you don’t agree this the best way to protect and pamper your pet when going on trips in your car or truck.

  1. Why a “Dog Hammock”? Most seat covers only protect the seat of your vehicle against scratches and dirt. What about your best friend? In the event of a sudden stop, your dog will be catupulted forward at 60 miles per hour and crash against the backs of your car seat. To add insult to injury, he will then fall on the floor. By creating a “hammock” your pet’s will be protected against sudden stops or in accidents.
  2. Removeable machine-washable dog bed – Most pet seat covers boast they are washable, but that means you can wipe them down with a rag. They don’t fare too well in the washing machine and disintegrate rapidly. With our new Dog Hammock, you can remove the dog bed portion and throw it in the washing machine to clean out the dirt and grime that may accumulate in winter months or just through every day use.
  3. Soft fleece dog bed – Your pet is your friend. Sitting or lying on a hard or slippery surface is sure to create anxiety. Our fleece dog bed feels more like his bed in the house and can allow him to relax and enjoy the ride. You may even want to take the dog bed in the house and use it as his permanent bed!
  4. Reinforced nylon seat straps – Some seat covers use elastic straps. After a while they break rendering your pet seat cover useless. What a waste of money!
  5. Seat Belt Openings – Many people use “Doggie Seat Belts” to secure their pets and keep them from jumping out of the car at stop lights or stores. Our Dog Hammock provides seat belt holes for using Doggie Seat Belts. These can be sealed closed when not in use to prevent dirt and dog hair from leaking through to your car seats below.
  6. Non-slip back – If the seat cover slides, your pet may lose his footing and become anxious. We use a heavy, non-slip backing, unlike other dog hammocks that use rubber dots for a more secure feel.
  7. Seat Anchors – As an added security, we have added seat anchors that fit between the seats to keep our dog hammock in place in the event of a sudden stop or accident. Without them, the weight of your pet will cause the seat cover to move and your pet will end up on the floor.
  8. Doggie Air Bags – Even though the Dog Hammock shape can break your pets fall, he will still be catupulted forward into the backs of the front seats. Our Doggie Airbags (available 1st quarter 2016) will break the momentum the same as air bags in your cars dashboard protect you.
  9. Nylon carry case – You’ll need storage when not using your Dog Hammock. We found the normal clear plastic bags were flimsy and ripped on first use. We develped a high strength nylon bag with a draw string to store or tote your new Dog Hammock.

Once you look at all the innovations and improvements, we’re sure you’ll agree the Dog-Gone-Dog pet seat covers are the best on the market.