How Important Is Your Dogs Comfort and Safety?














  • Detachable Fleece Mat
    • Less Anxiety for Dogs
    • Provides traction so dog can walk without slipping
    • Soothing - promotes dog sleeping
    • Multiple Colors
    • Easy to Clean
    • Seat Cover lasts longer
  • Hammock Option
    • Less Dog Injuries
  • Heavy Duty Construction
    • Lasts Longer
  • Leather Reinforced Adjustable Nylon Straps
    • Easy to install
    • Can use with big dogs
    • Fits most cars and trucks
  • Quick Release Clips
    • Quick and easy installation
  • Seat Anchors
    • Seat Cover looks fitted and custom
    • Less Dog Anxiety because seat cover stays in place
  • Seat Belt Access
    • Passengers can sit in back seat (dont use hammock option)
    • Can use Dog Seat Belt Leashes 
  • Waterproof
    • Seats are protected
  • Non-slip Backing
    • Seat cover does not move - less dog anxiety
  • Side Flaps
    • Protects seat sides against scratches
  • Cross Stitched Back
    • Custom look
  • Large Storage Pocket
    • On Drivers Side
    • Stores bowls, food and toys
  • Nylon Storage Bag
    • Easy storage when not in use
    • Does not rip or tear easily
  • LIFETIME Guarantee

MSRP - $149
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What Kind of Dog Owner Are You?

Do you look at the ingredients before buying dog food? Do you put a sweater on your dog when its cold outside? Is your dog part of your family? It sounds like you really care about your pet. We created The Ultimate Dog Seat Cover for dog lovers like you.

Do You Leave Your Dog At Home So Your Seats Dont Get Damaged?


People buy seat covers to protect their cars seats but most do little to protect their dogs. Hard braking can catapult your dog to the floor. Your dog can’t anticipate it and may get bruised or even break a leg. I can’t think of a worse sound. Dogs can’t talk and tell you if they got hurt. They suffer in silence.


Does Your Dog Pace and Fidget in the Car?

Some dogs love to ride in the car while others get very anxious. Part of that anxiety comes from not being able to stand with out slipping and sliding on the slick seats or seat covers. While seat covers protect the seats, they do little to collect the dog hair and dirt to keep your vehicle clean.

Most seat covers are difficult to keep clean since they shouldn’t be repeatedly washed in a washer dryer. It ruins the non-slip backings and waterproofing. You wouldn’t put a tent in the washer for the same reasons you shouldn’t put your seat cover in the washer.

We have taken all these problems into account when designing The Ultimate Dog Seat Cover.

Our first step was to buy and reverse engineer the highest rated seat cover on the market. We wanted ours to be better than the best so we added features true dog lovers would appreciate.


We made our seat cover long enough to hook to the front seat head rests creating a sling or hammock that will keep your pet from falling on the floor. If you need to stop suddenly, you dog may fall forward but wont fall on the floor.

Anxious dogs pace back and forth on the seat and peer out the windows. Most seat covers are waterproof making the surface slick and hard to stand on in a moving vehicle. Our detachable fleece mat provides grip and traction for your dog. It is so soft, many dogs curl up and go to sleep because it reminds them of their beds.


The mat is held on with Velcro and snaps. It can be detached and sanitized and cleaned in a washing machine and dryer. A common complaint of most seat covers is they begin to smell over time because they can’t be put in a washer/dryer. Repeated washing and drying ruin it. Then they must be line dried which isn’t practical in cold weather states or apartment dwellers.


Our mat was tested with 25 washing and drying cycles and didn’t show any noticeable degradation.


Another advantage is the mats can be replaced if they become worn. Being able to replace the mats adds life to your new seat cover. Different colors allows you to use the seat cover in different color vehicles. Since the main seat cover doesn’t need to be cleaned very often, it lasts longer.


Most seat covers protect the seats but not the seat sides. We added side flaps to prevent your dog from scratching the sides of your seats when entering or leaving your vehicle. The Ultimate Dog Seat Provides more protection for your vehicle.


But this still wasn’t good enough. We realized that occasionally people want to sit in the back seat with the dog. We added seat belt access so someone can sit next to the dog and still use the seat belts. Simply don’t use the hammock function and let the front edge of the seat cover fall to the floor. You can use Doggie Seat Belt Leashes to keep the dog on the seat during travel.

What is a Doggie Seat Belt Leash? It is a leash that plugs into the seat belt and hooks to your dogs harness. WARNING: Never hook the Doggie Seat Belt Leashes to a dog’s collar as it could break their neck in a sudden stop. If you used Doggie Seat Belt Leashes, use a dog harness.

But that still wasn’t enough.


We included seat anchors that tuck into the crease between the seat and seat back to keep the seat cover in place. It allows you to pull the seat cover tight giving it a tailored look. It creates a stable surface for your dog to rest or walk. The seat cover doesn’t slide around during use.


We created a long seat pocket to keep your dog toys, bowls, etc. Most seat covers that have a pocket put it on the dog’s side of the seat cover making it hard to access from the front seat. Ours is on the driver’s side.

We heard many complaints about seat covers tearing or ripping after a few uses. We made The Ultimate Dog Seat Cover with a heavy-duty Oxford cloth. We double stitched the main seam to keep it from failing. We reinforced the headrest straps with leather to add strength. We made our seat cover to last.  


The seat cover we bought came in a plastic pouch. It ripped when we tried to put the seat cover away. We designed a non-tear nylon storage bag to store the seat cover when its not in use. It has a draw string to close the bag for tidy storage


You are completely covered. If your seat cover ever fails due to improper manufacture simply let us know and we will replace it. 

Is Your Dog Worth a Tank of Gasoline?

There is an old saying - "Only rich people can afford cheap paint". If you buy cheap paint, you must use more of it to cover the area. The message is cheap paint isn't cheap at all. Our seat cover isn't the most expensive on the market but it will last longer. You wont have to replace it as often. In the long run it will be cheaper. 

 Our seat cover isn't the most expensive on the market but it is the best. Isn't your dog worth about the cost of a tank of gasoline to protect his safety and comfort. 

MSRP - $149
Buy Now and get a HUGE Discount!!!