IMG_0286You can buy many different seat covers to protect your car seats against scratches or pet hair but what do you do when the seat cover gets dirty? Most seat covers shouldn’t be put in a washer and definitely not put in a dryer because it melts the waterproofing and non-slip backing. This means you will have to dry your seat cover on a clothesline which is a problem during the winter or for apartment dwellers.

 Our system is a two-piece arrangement. In addition to a seat cover, you get a removable fleece mat that can be machine washed and dried when ever it gets dirty. It can be replaced inexpensively if it shows signs of wear or you simply buy another vehicle.

Our system has a hammock option to protect your pet in sudden stops. Should you need to make a sudden stop, your pet will fly forward at 60 miles per hour, crash into the backs of your seats and fall to the floor. Our dog hammock style pet seat cover prevents this from happening.

There are several features that make our Dog Hammock Pet Seat Cover the premium choice for those who really love their pets.

Removable fleece dog bed mat

brown-snapsOur research showed us that people wanted a seat cover that was easily cleaned.  The problem is washing and re-washing seat covers makes them lose their shape and wear faster. The heavy canvas and oxford cloth of better-made dog hammocks is not meant to be machine washed. Of course it can be done because it is a fabric, but the results are not good. It is also possible to damage the anti-slip rubber backing if the unit is placed in a clothes dryer. It is much better to line dry if it gets wet or is washed.

The Ultimate Dog Hammock Seat Cover consists of two pieces.  The dog hammock piece is made like other top-of-the-line dog hammocks and can be used alone to protect your seats. We have added a second piece which is a removable fleece dog bed/blanket like your pet probably sleeps on now. He or she will be more comfortable with a soft material he is already familiar with. In fact, you can use this fleece mat as or in his current dog bed everyday. This will absorb his scent and make him feel secure when traveling in the car.

The mat is attached with Velcro and Marine quality snaps. These hold the mat firmly in place and keep dogs from pawing it loose. Recommended for dogs over 20 lbs or rambunctious dogs who are like to dig and scratch. Our initial version that has only Velcro attachments is fine for dogs under 20 lbs.

The Ultimate Dog Hammock Seat Cover’s limited lifetime warranty applies to the Dog Hammock Portion. The Removable Fleece Dog Bed is replaceable. We tested it with 20-25 wash and dry cycles with no noticeable degradation.  You  can replace the fleece dog bed portion easily and economically if it ever gets too dirty or worn without replacing the entire Dog Hammock Pet Seat Cover. The rest of the car seat protection system is easily wiped off when dirty and can be hung on a wire and hosed off in extremely dirty circumstances.

Seat Anchors

anchorsYour pet wont be comfortable if the seat cover is swaying and moving. Remember your pet will want to stand so he can see out the windows and smell the fresh air. If the seat cover is moving, he will constantly be trying to keep his balance to keep from falling. Have you ever stood on ice? If you have, you know how it feels. How can he relax and enjoy himself like that?

Our Pet seat covers feature large seat anchors and a non-slip backing. The seat anchors slip between the seat cushions to anchor the seat for stability. It also keeps the hammock portion in place so in the event of a sudden stop, your pet doesn’t end up on the floor. If the anchor is too small, it will pop out easily and cause the system to fail at the worst possible moment.

Large Seat AnchorsNon-Slip Back






Reinforced nylon adjustment straps

leather-reinforcedThe adjustment straps hook around the front seat head rests to create a hammock that keeps the dog from falling to the floor after a sudden stop. If they are flimsy or not attached properly, they will break or fail when you need them most and your pet will still get injured.

Some pet seat covers use elastic straps to hold the seat cover in place. Elastic can stretch and/or dry-out over time. Eventually they will break. We design our products for years of care-free use. We use nylon straps that are strong enough to secure cargo. The straps are sewn to the hammock using a leather tab for added strength and longevity.

These straps will hold up even if you own a large dog up to 100 lbs. Nothing makes us madder than paying for a product that breaks or falls apart. Our customers realize that it costs a little more to do things right but it pays off over time because you will get many years of use instead of just a few months.

Seat Belt Access

Seatbelt AccessSome people like the added security of a pet seat belt. This plugs into the regular seat belt and works like a short leash to keep your dog from jumping in the front seat or falling out of the window. Many times dogs get so excited in the car they want to jump out. If they accidentally jump or fall out in traffic, it would be a disaster. Pet seat belts (not included) are the answer.

Our seat belt access slots are Velcro closable to keep dirt, mud and pet hair from getting past the seat over and onto the cars actual seat. They do not provide a waterproof or dirt proof seal but the Velcro closure can keep out most of the contaminants.

WARNING: Never use a pet seat belt with a dog collar. In the event of a sudden stop, it may break your pets neck. Only use dog harnesses with pet seat belts!

Huge Storage Pocket

Storage PocketThe Ultimate Dog Hammock Seat Cover has a huge storage pocket that’s on the drivers side of the seat cover where it makes sense. This way you have access to the storage area without reaching over the seat. It doesn’t make sense to put storage pockets on the “dog side” of the dog hammock. The dog can’t open the pockets. Dogs don’t have thumbs.

The pocket is accessed with a Velcro strip that runs the length of the pocket. Velcro lasts much longer than a zipper which can easily get off track and become useless. The Velcro closes securely. Take pillows, blankets, toys and leashes along with you on your trips.

Side Seat Flaps

Most seat covers leave the side of the seats exposed. If the dog rests his feet over the side of the seat, the exposed sides can become scratched or dirty. Its not a big thing but the little things are what makes The Ultimate Dog Hammock the best choice. Why get second best when you can go with the best pet seat protection on the market?

Side Seat Protection Flaps

Nylon Carry Bag

What do you do with your Ultimate Dog Hammock Seat Cover when your dog stays home? Store it in the nylon storage bag. Most of our competitors use a plastic bag with a snap. If you are like me, you force it into the bag so you can get on with your day.

The problem is the bag tears on the seams and before long is totally useless

Our solution is to provide you with a nylon carry bag with a draw string. Roll up The Ultimate Dog Hammock and slip it in the bag. Pull the drawstring tight and you’re done! It stays clean and compact. You can even slip disposable bowls, leashes and harnesses in the bag for storage.

Just one more reason The Ultimate Dog Hammock is your best choice for pet seat covers.


The Ultimate Dog Hammock Pet Seat Cover











Our Non-Slip Back vs Competition

Compare our non-slip backing to other pet seat covers on the market. Which one will keep your dog more secure?

Non-slip Back ComparisonMore For Your Money

The Ultimate Dog Hammock Pet Seat Cover beats the competition in all categories, even weight! Our Dog Hammock weighs 1.5 Kilograms – Thats 3.3 lbs. Compare to other Dog Hammocks or Seat Covers on the market!

The Ultimate Dog Hammock Weight

Be Sure You Buy The Real Ultimate Dog Hammock


Every Ultimate Dog Hammock Pet Seat Cover bears our logo. Accept no substitutes.

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